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About Catherine
Catherine Richardson is a former corporate attorney who spiritually awakened following a near death experience. She found herself profoundly changed, and decided to pursue a career in the healing arts. Catherine has a Ph.D. in transpersonal counseling, and is also a certified life coach and ordained minister.

Catherine is the author of The Starfleet Messages
, a channeled book that has been described as "a modern day guide to higher conscious living." Her articles and channels have been published in Sedona Journal of Emergence, Cosmic Lighthouse Metaphysics Magazine, and The Magic of Being Magazine. Catherine is also a frequent radio guest, and has appeared on the Lightworker Virtual Light Broadcast in Las Vegas. Catherine conducts private sessions, and also teaches workshops on empowerment, self-healing, and connecting with the Divine.

Catherine resides in San Diego, California. To contact her, please call (858) 220-0374 or email
Truth Joy Love™.