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 Pendulum E-Book
• Master the art of pendulum testing.

• Easily access your deepest wisdom.

• Instantly connect to higher levels of awareness.

• Learn about the science behind pendulum testing.

Pendulum Testing: Access Your Deepest Wisdom, by Catherine Richardson, Ph.D., is now available for download in PDF format for $4.95.

This practical, step-by-step guide is all you need to master this powerful tool. Sources cited include Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind/Body Medicine and The Energy Psychology Desktop Companion. Also included are quick and effective Energy Psychology re-balancing techniques; a chart for self-healing with Emotional Freedom Technique ("EFT"); and tips for raising your vibration and connecting to Source. This e-book contains all the core information that Catherine teaches in her Pendulum Workshop.

"Catherine, thank you for offering the pendulum e-book on your website! I downloaded it last night and read it before going to bed. I've read before about pendulums, but found your text easier to follow and implement. I tried it this morning, and felt relieved to find a technique that seems to work much more smoothly than solo muscle testing!" Sarah Davenport

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