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"Catherine is deeply intuitive, profoundly heart-centered, and she really knows her stuff. I find working with her a true joy, and her sense of humor always lifts my mood no matter what is happening in my life. As an energy psychology facilitator, she is a highly-skilled and patient catalyst for healing. After our sessions I have felt lighter, centered, calm, and powerfully connected to the Universe and myself." Cecily Channer, San Diego, California

"With joy and singing in my heart, I thank you for my reading yesterday. Thanks to you I have a newly instilled focus and a more powerfully felt connection to my divine purpose. I am having so much fun being here already and wanted that extra boost of focus, and that's exactly what you provided for me. You are a very heartfelt communicator and even your voice sounds angelic. Fantastic reading indeed. You're a joy to work with."
Natalie, Paducah, Kentucky

"Catherine is an intelligent, insightful and highly intuitive counselor. She brings a wealth of knowledge and metaphysical skills to her work. The therapies she offers are powerful and transforming. She is also strongly connected to the celestial realm and frequently brings through information that aids in healing on many levels. Her ability to work with subtle energy facilitates healing in profound and wonderful ways."  C.M., San Diego, California