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 Transpersonal Counseling
Catherine's practice is based on the philosophy of transpersonal counseling. Transpersonal counseling is a relatively new field of counseling that incorporates the realm of spirit in the process of helping people realize their full potential. "Transpersonal" literally means "beyond the personal," indicating that both our human experience and a greater framework beyond it are included. That greater framework may include the client's view of God, religious practices, mystical experiences, altered states of consciousness, or any other part of the client's experience that is meaningful to him or her.
This philosophy maintains that human beings are both spiritual and psychological in nature; we are all spiritual beings on a journey of human experience. It is the spiritual essence which holds the potential for transcendence of the self as currently experienced. Consciousness is a vast, multidimensional existence in which new aspects of being are manifested while on the path to discovering our true spiritual nature.

Transpersonal counseling does not view life as a series of random events that happen for no reason. Events in our lives are rich with purpose and meaning, with the goal of learning about our true essence, and transcending fear and separation to find love and Oneness with the Universe.

Knowing that experiences in our lives have a purpose can help us to get through tough times. From the transpersonal counseling perspective, difficulties that are encountered are not seen as problems to be fixed, but as indications that a greater potential within is unfolding. The intensity of symptoms relates to the intensity of the healing process. The goal of transpersonal counseling is not merely to stop symptoms, but to discover what they have to teach us. These symptoms are pointing the way to healing and growth in our lives.